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Habersham Family Introduces New Baby!

I don't often photograph families, but when I do, I love capturing the connection between them! Shout out to the sweet, sweet father/daughter photos below. You'll just have to scroll to find them!

This session was one where all the odds were stacking up against us. First, we had to reschedule due to rain, then there was chance of rain on our new shoot day, so we bumped up the time to try and get clear skies. However, that put us at the worst time of day to shoot, and it happened to be the MOST HUMID day I'd say so far this year. And keep in mind I'm five months pregnant! Yikes!

Despite the weather, we were going strong with our go-get-em attitude, and were excited to shoot in downtown York until I pulled up to my favorite downtown location to find out they completely DEMOLISHED this incredible old factory building with the most amazing walls to photograph and they were actively working on the site. AH! What? They never asked me if they could destroy the building lol. What was plan B, C, D, E?!

We drove around together for a bit until we found this cool spot (see blow), and we're glad we did. What a great place for urban photos! The Habersham family totally rocked their session despite all we had stacking up against us that day. Let them know how beautiful their blended family is by commenting below


Looking for portraits? Reach out to me below, I can't wait to hear from you :)

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