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Portrait photographer of York, Pennsylvania. 


Meet Laura Lynn

I love meeting new people.

I love asking questions.

And, I love being asked questions. 

I laugh. A LOT. 

I am the QUEEN of post-its.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Speaking of sleeves, I hardly ever wear shirts with full length sleeves because my wrists feel too constricted. There's your random fact for the day.)

I am a creative and a dreamer.

I am a teacher and an entrepreneur. 

I am a community builder.

I believe in mentoring others. 

I believe in community over competition.

My hope is to help women feel confident and beautiful and to see themselves in a brand new light when they see my images of them!



laura lynn

Why is portrait photography important?

I'm ONE LUCKY wife, mother and daughter and granddaughter! Being a new mother has made me aware of the great need women have to BE IN PHOTOS with our children. We tend to be the ones snapping photos of our children by themselves, with our spouse, parents, whomever. BUT, it's time to put the excuses away and get IN photographs with our family. Trust me, I dislike getting in front of the camera, but I know that by putting my insecurities aside, I'm making lasting memories for my children to remember for years!


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