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Alyssa Rocks Her Guitar & Violin

Watching a young girl become a young woman over several years during the transformative middle and high school years is a true blessing. It's one I get to experience time and time again as my high school senior photography career often crosses paths with my role as a youth ministry leader. I remember meeting Alyssa when she was in middle school. She was a bit shy, but I love how she CONFIDENTLY rocked her senior session and is using her musical gifts on the youth worship team at church.

We had THE PERFECT day for her senior session and THE PERFECT location! I love how Alyssa's session showcases WHO SHE IS. I'm thrilled we were able to capture so many different "looks" all in one afternoon. The first photo below is what her family chose to make a 16x24 canvas which just arrived AND IT'S GORGEOUS!!!


Want to have an amazing portrait experience like Alyssa? Reach out to me below, I can't wait to hear from you :)

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