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Your Best Photo Ready Face!

Hi there, I’m Maggie!

I am a registered nurse, recent transplant to Savannah, Georgia, and a white status presenter with Younique. I recently reconnected with Laura Lynn thanks to the miracle of facebook and she asked me to share some tips to help you have your best PHOTO READY FACE!

Are you getting senior pictures done in the near future? What about maternity pictures, engagement sessions, or family photos? If any of those apply to you—this post is for YOU!

Let’s start with the basics:

1. Take Good Care of Your Skin. This allows your skin to look and feel healthier and more hydrated. Ultimately, you will need less makeup because you have brighter, hydrated and more even skin tones!

2. Drink Plenty of Water. I need this reminder as much as you, sister. I am not a water person and I have to be very intentional about getting my daily intake.

3. Get Enough Sleep. Cliché I know, but it works. Your body recharges as you sleep. Those bags and dark circles under your eyes? You will see those improve too! These first three tips will make a huge difference in the appearance of your skin and how you feel!

4. Avoid New Skin Care Products. Avoid new skin car products the week prior to your photoshoot. Sometimes you can have a reaction or break out from new products. Also, don’t use any face masks the night before, especially if it isn’t part of your normal routine.

Want to hear more? Laura Lynn has asked me to create a video where I go over some of the most basic tips and tricks you can easily do with your own products at home to make yourself look naturally gorgeous at any angle. (You already are gorgeous, let me remind you!) Watch my video to learn about techniques to apply eye shadow, products to use and avoid based on your skin type, tricks for fuller-looking lips and even tips for those of you gorgeous ladies who wear glasses!

I grew up a tomboy and NEVER thought I would be sharing beauty tips and makeup with other women, but I absolutely LOVE what I do! If I can do my makeup, you can too!

My goal is to help you achieve timeless and classic looks that you will admire 20 years from now when you look at your pictures. That’s not my only goal though, I desire to be a vessel of the truth that you are beautiful and worthy and loved. I am here to be a friend, a listening ear, to uplift, empower and validate you- no matter what path of life you are on. If you’d like to connect, you can find my facebook page "Mascara And Magnolias," HERE.

I hope you enjoy the video and please contact me if you need help with your look for your upcoming photography session. And thank you, Laura Lynn, for allowing me to be a guest here on your blog! It has been so much fun!

Blessings friends,



Want to schedule a photo session with Laura Lynn Photography? Reach out below:

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