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The Day I Got To Photograph A Proposal!

Sunday afternoon I got a somewhat desperate voicemail from a man that sounded something like, "I know it's last minute but our photographer we have scheduled for tomorrow had to cancel due to medical reasons and I know it's a long shot but are you available? My girlfriend thinks we're just getting professional portraits taken, but I'm planning to propose." Done. Sold. You had me at propose. I'll be your photographer hero for the day! We rushed through the booking process and set a time and place for the next day.

So, we started out with some pretty portraits...

Knowing what was about to happen, the smile on his face says it all!

Meet Delilah, Heather's dog. She's pretty much her baby and you'll be seeing her later on. Keep scrolling for the good stuff!

After a quick outfit change, Tom changed the collar on Heather's dog, Delilah, to one he had custom made. He called Heather over to help her with it and when she realized what it said and that there was a ring attached to the collar, well, let's just say there were a few happy tears!


Thank you Tom for reaching out, it was my pleasure to serve you both by capturing such a special day in your lives! Congratulations!!!

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