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Lydia - Marching To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

Lydia's session was my first spring session this year and what a beautiful day we had! (See my comments about the session below!)

I loved both dresses Lydia brought along to her session. The first one provided some fun spring/summery pops of color, while the second one was classic.

Half-way through Lydia's session a beautiful cat photobombed the session and Lydia could not have been more excited by her presence!

I love that Lydia was able to incorporate her love for drumming into her session. She brought along her marching band uniform and snare drum as well as a uniform for a special drum-line she's part of! If I remember correctly, she's been drumming since 3rd grade!

Well, that's a wrap for this beautiful spring session! I love the location we shot in, as it's a place I've been many times before - but this time, I found a whole new background to utilize. Are you loving the texture of the homes in the background? I am!


Want to have an amazing portrait experience like Lydia? Reach out to me below, I can't wait to hear from you :)

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