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3 Things I Learned While Interning With A Small Business Owner

Hello again!

It’s Rachel. You may remember me from my previous blog post, 5 Tips to Help You Juggle College Life. I’ve been an intern with Laura Lynn Photography for about ten weeks now! As today’s guest blogger, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned so far from interning with photographer and small business owner, Laura Lynn.

(One of the bonuses of working with Laura Lynn is hanging out with her sweet cavapoo, Ginger!)

1. The most important thing I’ve learned working with Laura Lynn is that entrepreneurs wear many different hats. Laura Lynn is a photographer first and foremost, however, that’s just the surface. She also wears the hat of a CEO, Head of Marketing, Saleswoman, Website Designer and Bookkeeper, etc. Through working with and observing Laura Lynn, I have had a taste of what each of these roles look like. And you know what? I LOVE the challenge and the variety of it all.

2. Laura Lynn has taught me the value of connections. Although she knows how to do a little bit of everything in her business, her expertise is photography. I’ve seen how helpful it is for her to connect with others who have a different expertise than she does. For instance, one of her best friends is a graphic designer. I’ve seen time and time again how they have helped one another, exchanging graphic design advice for photography advice and encouraging each other in their businesses!

3. I have also learned the importance of going above and beyond what is expected. Laura Lynn puts so much thought and care into every detail of her business. One of the first times I worked with her, we packaged photo products for one of her clients. Even though it was the last step of her journey with the client, she wrapped those products with great care and attention to detail. Complete with tissue paper, a gift bag and a handwritten note, the thoughtfulness she put into not just creating but also presenting her photos in a beautiful way, showed me that every small detail speaks volumes.

Through this journey as an intern at Laura Lynn Photography, I have come to realize that I want to pursue nothing less than my passion in life. I have observed the passion Laura Lynn has for her business, and I’ve come to realize that I want to have the same passion for my career. I love graphic design. LOVE it. I would absolutely love to have my own business as a graphic designer. I also want to have lots of kids one day and have the flexibility to stay at home with them. I would LOVE to do both. I’m not saying it will be easy, but working with Laura Lynn has showed me that it’s possible and completely worth it! I always leave her studio feeling so inspired to pursue my dreams!


Want to become new besties with my girl, Ginger the cavapoo, AND have an amazing internship experience like Rachel? Reach out to me below!

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