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A Young Man, His Car And His Clubs!

Jonathan has been playing golf since he was really young, so I was thrilled when he wanted to do his session on a golf course (scroll all the way to the end to see the great golf shots!) I was also thrilled because the golf course of choice was The Country Club of York, where I walked down the isle to my future husband just 6 years ago!

(INSERT MANY FIRSTS for me during this session!) Our session consisted not only getting to ride in a golf cart around a beautiful golf course on a gorgeous fall day, but we also snuck in some "shopping" for this beautiful blue pullover at the Golf Shop onsite! #allinadayswork ;) I think I'll be adding personal shopper to my resume, haha! And, I've never taken golf portraits before, so now I've got that in the books!

Congratulations Jonathan, 2018 Graduating Class of York Catholic! Keep swinging that golf club into your future!


Want to have an amazing portrait experience like Jonathan? I'm still booking for this fall! Reach out to me below, I can't wait to hear from you :)

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