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Introducing Alec, Class of 2018

It's not THAT often that I'm asked to photograph senior guys, but this was a super FUN experience! Alec's mom reached out to me after seeing swim photographs of one of his teammates, who was one of my 2017 Seniors (hey Maelyn - I'm talking about you!) She wanted to know if I would be okay if Alec and his friend Marget booked their senior sessions back to back. I delightfully agreed and I think we stumbled upon something GREAT. Not only did having a friend along for the shoot make them both feel comfortable, but it worked out really well since we could keep the session going while one was changing into their next outfit. Also, they're both swimmers and we were able to get into their pool to take some awesome swimming photos as well. Taking swim portraits at an indoor pool is pretty new territory for me - but they say you should do something every day that challenges you, right?! Special thanks to the Graham Aquatic Center for the use of your pool! I'm pretty sure it made this senior's day! (Look out for Alec's friend, Marget's, senior blog post coming soon!)

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