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30 Lessons I Learned In 30 Years

Today is the BIG DAY - I turn 30! As I thought about what kind of wisdom I would want to impart to all of you - it became clear I should write a blog about the top 30 lessons I've learned in my first 30 years of life! I'm sharing them in no particular order, but I hope they encourage, challenge and bless you!


1. The best time to travel the world is when you’re young and unattached. When you get older, there will be even more excuses than there are when you're young. Wherever you can go, go! Get out in the world and explore all of its amazing wonders!

2. You’re never too old to learn something new, so keep your eyes open for learning opportunities all around you.

3. Be early to rise and you'll accomplish more than you could imagine!

4. If you work hard, it shouldn’t be to please others, only to please yourself.

5. Learn to give a firm handshake with good eye contact which will give a strong first impression. A weak handshake, however, leaves a lasting impression too, just not the one you want.

6. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but it usually isn’t. Things aren’t always as they appear on the outside, so take a deeper look and use wisdom.

7. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

8. Trust your instincts!

9. Owning a creative business is not for the faint of heart. It requires great determination, courage, and thick skin!

10. Life is too short to pursue anything other than your passion!!!


11. Go to bed at the same time as your spouse, every night when possible. Being on the same sleep cycle is so important to living a content life t o g e t h e r.

12. Marriage and parenting can make you see every flaw in yourself and the others living with you, but oh how beautiful it is when we can love one another even with all our flaws, quirks and shortcomings!

13. You will become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose those 5 people wisely!

14. The only person’s actions you can control are your own.

15. Hurt people hurt people. When you realize this, compassion for those hurting you becomes possible.

16. To have good friends, you must be a good friend.

17. Learn to apologize and ask forgiveness and do so when needed. Being the first one to apologize isn’t easy, but heartfelt apologies make for a humble heart!

18. The truth will set you free over and over again.

19. Constantly be seeking individuals to mentor you, in various ways. There is so much growing we all have yet to do!

20. Always be looking for others you could mentor and if they're open to it, do it - become their mentor. It's so rewarding and is a great way to be held accountable to living a life that's worthy of being looked up to.


21. Old habits are hard to kick, and new ones are hard to set. Give yourself grace and keep at it!

22. Other people don’t care about the little stuff as much as you think they do.

23. Don't get so busy caring for others that you neglect caring for yourself. Self-care is crucial for a healthy mind, body and soul!

24. A bad attitude can usually be uplifted by 30 minutes of exercise!

25. Wear your heart on your sleeve. It's refreshing.

26. Kindness is one action you will never regret.

27. This is the only life you get. Live every moment, every day like it could be your last.

28. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine and embracing his love will change every aspect of your life.

29. The things we take for granted are often the things that matter most to us. Name all the things you’re grateful for, and do so often!

30. Find things to enjoy about the stage of life you're in, while you’re here, because this season may be over before you know it.

Goodbye twenties! It was fun while it lasted! Here's to a new decade!

I'd love to hear which lessons you've already learned!

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